PT. Kompindo Wiratama

"We grow with the customer's trust"

Our Vision

PT. Kompindo Wiratama aspires to become the largest OEM high precision metal stamping parts manufacturer in Indonesia.

Our Mission

PT. Kompindo Wiratama in its business will attempt to gain trust from its customers by manufacturing products according to customer’s specifications, with respect to:

  1. Quality: must be according to the agreed upon specifications
  2. Cost: Must be competitive.
  3. Delivery: must be according to the agreed upon schedule

History of Company

  • 2005

    - Company established
    - Starting supply to PT Kayaba Indonesia
    - Starting supply to PT Showa Indonesia Mfg

  • 2006

    - Starting supply to PT. Sungwoo Indonesia
    - Starting supply to PT. Sinar Berlian Chemindo
  • 2007

    - Starting supply PT. Interglobal Electric Parts

  • 2008

    - ISO 9001:2000 certified
    - SNI 7368:2007 for stove certified
    - One Burner LPG stove (non Automotive parts) manufacturer started
    - Starting supply to PT Pertamina Persero (Stove Goverment Project)
  • 2010

    - ISO 9001:2008 certified
    - Starting supply PT. MK Prima Indonesia
  • 2011

    - Inhouse plastic injection process started

  • 2012

    - End cap parts (non Automotive part) manufacturer started
    - Starting supply to Showaa Regional Thailand (SRT)
    - Starting supply to PT. Rollent Indonesia
  • 2013

    - Technical Assistance Agreement with CTMC Korea, agreed for die    development
    - Technical Assistance Agreement with SKIT Korea agreed for Injection process development
    - Inhouse Projection Welding process started
    - Starting supply to PT Autoliv Indonesia
  • 2014

    - SNI 7368:2008 for stove certified

  • 2017

    - ISO 9001:2015 certified
    - Starting supply to PT Nankai Indonesia
  • 2018

    - Starting supply to Autoliv India Pvt.Ltd

  • 2019

    - Starting supply to Autoliv Hirotako Safety Sdn.Bhd (Malaysia)
    - Starting supply to PT. APM Shock Absorber Indonesia
    - Starting supply to PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia
    - Starting development IATF (Target Certification June 2020)