About Us

PT. Kompindo Wiratama was established in 2005, with a vision of becoming the largest OEM high precision metal stamping parts manufacturer in Indonesia. Our customers are mostly automotive OEM automobile manufacturers such as PT. Kayaba Indonesia and PT. Showa Indonesia Manufacturing (a shock absorbers manufacturer), PT. Sungwoo Indonesia (a seat belt manufacturer), PT. Mitsuba (automobile components manufacturers), etc. Despite our reputation in the automobile industry, we are also open for other industry as well. In recent years, we have been maintaining our competitive advantage not only by investing on the best quality machineries, but also on our human resources and know how. We have developed Technical Assistance with CTMC Korea, a Korean stamping parts manufacturer. This has allowed us to produce high precision quality metal stamping products pursuant to your specific requests.
In our company, we pride ourselves on producing the best quality products. We believe in the philosophy of providing the best quality products at low cost with the best delivery. In May 2008, we received a certificate of ISO 9001:2000 and we have maintained the designation as of now.
Kompindo has grown tremendously in the last eight years and currently, we employ approximately 250 workers and 20 staffs. Given the high standards of the OEM parts, we are very committed to providing the best products and customer service. We will also expand our presence globally in the near future by expanding our sales & marketing force towards the international market segments via global and local b2b networks.

Visi & Misi

Vision: PT. Kompindo Wiratama aspires to become the largest OEM high precision metal stamping parts manufacturer in Indonesia.

Mission: PT. Kompindo Wiratama in its business will attempt to gain trust from its customers by manufacturing products according to customer’s specifications, with respect to:
(1) Quality: must be according to the agreed upon specifications
(2) Cost: Must be competitive.
(3) Delivery: must be according to the agreed upon schedule

Our Partner

We currently develop cooperation with CTMC, a Korean stamping parts manufacturer for Technical Assistance. CTMC has had its reputation in Korea for its dies design especially for auto parts in press parts business. In addition, it has built a huge network of supply chain over the years with reputable auto manufacturers. It has had certification in ISO 9001, ISO 16949, and ISO 14001.